Custom Designed Machine Carved Wood Signs Art Work. I very happy to answer any questions about how I built my machined or answer your questions on how to design your own custom 3D art workLee Noring is Hooked-On-CNC and willing to help you! GOOGLE+

3D Wood Carving Services

Custom Designed 3D Dimensional Mounting - Installing Yard Sign Options:

Many times the cost of shipping the post to mount the sign is greater than the cost of the post. To keep your cost down you may want to buy the mounting post locally.

Wood fence post.

You will be able to buy fence post at most building supply store. Example Home Depot 4 in. x 4 in. x 3-1/2 ft. Fence Post.

Iron fence.

I have used short Iron Fence that pushes into the ground with only foot pressure. The last one of these I got from my local Orchard for around $20. But I was unable to find them on the Orchard Supply website.




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