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Home Made Anti Backlash Nuts

Z axis home made anti-backlash nutMaking my own Anti Backlash nuts took a lot of experimentation before I ended up with something cheep and worked. What I ended using was a piece of cutting board type of plastic I got from Tap Plastics my closest store is located in Sacramento, Ca. There I found a table with lots left over small pieces of plastic. Different sizes, types and colors of plastic. At that time these were sold to me for a $1 a pieces. When I was buying something else many times they just gave them to me no charge.

You may download the CAD or DXF files for the to the anti-backlash nut in the photo to the right. By Right Clicking on the file you want , then select "Save Link As" to download Y Axis Anti-Backlash Bearing CAD drawing or download the DXF file.

In the photo above you can see the anti-backlash nut I made for the Y axis of my home made CNC machine. I drilled and tapped to match the 3/8 running tread first. Then cut the plastic block in half with my band saw. I use the two 1/4 20 bolts top and bottom for adjustment of how tight the nut pulls together to take out all of the backlash when the stepper motor changes directions. I counter sank the outside bolt hole to put a spring inside the hole to keep pressure on the running thread all the time. That way I have spring tension on the 3/8 keeping it tight as the plastic loses tread. The plastic I used turned out to be they use for solid slider bearings that slide with very little friction.

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